Saturday, October 17, 2015

Skydiving Schools and What you Should Know (part 1 of 2)

If you want to skydive, you have to learn a few things before make the jump and what better place to learn this is in a skydiving school or center.

There are skydiving schools spread out in the US. You can find one by looking for it using the web. From there, you can visit them and ask about their rates.

People who are new to skydiving cannot jump from a plane by themselves. They have to undergo ground training first and jump with an instructor. The most common example is tandem skydiving where the instructor is strapped to the back of the newbie and they make the jump. The newbie does not do anything except enjoy the view until they reach the ground.

For those who want become a licensed skydiver, the next step is to learn how to jump off a plane and then pulling the cord. Before you can do that, you will be introduced to static line jumping where your backpack is attached to a cord that will automatically deploy your parachute once you get off the plane.

After a few jumps, you will now pull a cord that does not activate anything but simulate the release of the parachute. Once you have completed, you will now do the real thing.

But if you want to skip that and get your skydiver’s license, you can do so by enrolling the AFF or the accelerated free fall. After jumping off the plane and free falling for about 50 seconds, you will deploy your parachute then slowly make it to the ground. This program is much cheaper in the long run and more fun compared to the static line method.

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